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Tyson Stelzer's top 12 van de beste champagnes die in 2020 zijn uitgebracht!

De Australische Tyson Stelzer is één van 's werelds meest bekende champagne experts en wijnschrijvers. Hij heeft 16 wijnboeken op zijn naam staan en brengt ieder jaar de zeer omvangrijke Champagne Guide uit; een overzicht van de beste champagneproducenten en -huizen, met beoordelingen van zowel de producenten zelf als van hun champagnes. Tyson is een veelgevraagd spreker en organiseert grote champagne events als The Champagne Tour en Taste Champagne, in onder andere Australië, Hong Kong en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Dit is Tyson's top 12 van de beste champagnes die in 2020 zijn uitgebracht, met de highlights van zijn omschrijvingen.

Courtesy of Tyson Stelzer

Champagne van het jaar is...Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 2008 (99/100 punten)

Tyson: '[...] This is classic Comtes of the highest order, with a concentration and presence that is all-encompassing and transfixing, perfectly juxtaposed with an energy and tension that will hold it rock-solid for a lifetime yet.'

Deutz Amour de Deutz Brut Millésime 2008 in magnum (eveneens 99/100)

'[...] The utter delicacy and restrained elegance of Deutz reaches a new crescendo in the spectacular 2008 season, exemplified nowhere more profoundly than in Amour Blanc de Blancs in magnum. [...]'

Krug Grande Cuvée Edition 168 NV (98/100)

'[...] The purity and focus on the finish lifts the 168 to heights not achieved since the epic 2008 base in Edition 164. Transcending its season, this is arguably the most profound expression yet of the modern rise of Krug.'

Egly-Ouriet Brut Grand Cru Millésime 2008 (98/100)

'[...] A grand Egly that delivers everything this lauded grower promises in a season as sublime as 2008. The lingering presence of red fruits and their seamless interplay with pronounced, fine chalk minerality and energetic yet wonderfully ripe malic acidity define a very long and mesmerising finish.[...]'

Bollinger La Grande Année 2012 (98/100)

'[...] While it won’t live as long as the enduring 2008 (no house will) it achieves equal heights of fantastic line and incredible length. The result is consummately 2012, emphatically Bollinger and gloriously, irresistibly delicious.'

Courtesy of Tyson Stelzer

Louis Roederer Cristal 2012 (98/100)

'[...] This is a great Cristal by every definition, testimony to a strong season and profound evidence of the rising success of an ever more fanatical approach in the vines and wines.'

Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2012 (98/100)

'[...] In line and length, this is another Cristal of the highest order, relying on the profound interaction of malic acidity and chalk minerality to dictate a structure both effortless and integrated and at the same time astonishingly energetic and disarming.[...]'

Bollinger PN VZ15 NV (97/100)

'[...] It’s emphatically Bollinger, definitively Verzenay, exactingly pinot noir and characteristically 2015 – a wonderful yet difficult balance to achieve. A triumph for the season, and downright delicious.'

Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2009 (97/100)

'[...] A Sir Winston ready to engage right from its release, with a medium-term future before it, this cuvée is not only an exemplar for the wonders of the legendary Pol Roger, but a luminous beacon for just what levels of finesse can be achieved in Champagne’s ever warming climate.'

Charles Heidsieck Millésime Brut 2012 (96/100)

'A wonderfully harmonious and succulent Charles of medium straw hue, intricately uniting the flesh and succulence that is Charles with the brightness and energy of 2012.[...]'

Ayala No 7 2007 (96/100)

'[...] Time has built marvellous layers of almond nougat and lemon meringue, while never losing its lively, youthful verve. The finish holds with outstanding line and length, promising many years of potential yet. A grand and thrilling expression of the wonderful mood that defines Ayala.'

Franck Bonville Collection Privée 2008 (96/100)

'[....] Irresistible now, it will age with confidence for a seemingly indefinite period, when it will evolve into the classic green olive complexity of grand old Avize. It’s definitive Avize, classic 2008 and the epitome of Franck Bonville.'

Bron: Tyson Stelzer.

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